Meet the cast of SISTER ACT !

Cordelia Willis Bartender, Ensemble
Debra Milbourne Newscaster, Ensemble
Dee Baily Sister Mary Theresa, Ensemble
Diane Ho Sister Mary Robert
Jamari McGee Curtis
Jeannette Bland Tina
Justin Daily Joey
Kara Connelly Ensemble
Kathleen Hornbacker Michelle, Ensemble
Kenny Silberberg TJ, Ensemble
Laurie Gossett Ensemble
Marla Cox Deloris Van Cartier
Martha McDowell Ensemble
Mary Gimeno Sister Mary Lazarus
Michael Campbell Monsignor O’Hara, Cop
Neil Pomerleau Eddie
Nicole Squires Sister Mary Patrick
Ruth Sieber Mother Superior
Scott Holladay Ernie, Drag Queen, Cab Driver
Sheraj Ragobeer Pablo, Ensemble
Tracy Travis Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours, Ensemble

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